Friday, February 3, 2012


I just finished watching Madonna's new video for Give Me all Your Luvin for the third time today.  I have to admit I was skeptical at first.  Not being particularly fond of the song itself, I wasn't sure what  to expect from this video.  I was almost positive that a collaboration with Niki Minaj and MIA would be another spectacle of Madonna trying too hard (a la 4 minutes featuring J.T. and almost all the songs on Hard Candy). 

I'm one of those fans who really wishes that when she does make these decisions to work with other artists,  she would do so with artists like Massive Attack or work with people like Hercules and Love Affair (Andy Butler has publicly voiced wanting to work with Madge in the past).  Coincidentally, if she were to work with Andy Butler, I would be in gay heaven; I LUV Hercules and Love Affair. Or Scissor Sisters, come on!  I hope this upcoming album gives me what I need.

But past that, I actually really like the video.  It's fun, definitely pop and shows her sense of humour.  Only Madonna would call someone "reductive" for referencing her work, and then go on and reference herself in her own video.  It's a glossy and slick commercial for her upcoming half-time show, which I truthfully had no interest in seeing.  But, after watching this, I do want to see her perform and I would like to see more videos.  Real ones, like she used to make.

This video shows us that she is current, she is on top of her contemporaries, (just watch and count how many mainstream artists will reference 60's-bebop-realness) and she also gives a sly wink to us die-hard, old-school Madonna lovers.  She says- You've seen this all before, from ME...and there's more to come.  Well, serve it up Madge and I dont care if you got yourself a new face...I've loved every single one of them...well, with the exception of Hard Candy. Ugh.